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City 108 Karachi

City 108 Karachi Overview:

City 108 Karachi is a mega housing project of Al Barsha Builders and Developers, and marketed by a renowned real estate company Estate Safe Marketing. That brings a concept of a Modern Smart City.

The supreme iconic housing project well-found with all features, amenities, comforts and facilities provided in a universal housing project.
City 108 Karachi is the renowned and top-ranking housing society in Karachi. It is developing by the Al Barsha Developers and located at prime location of M-9 Motorway Karachi.

Right now City 108 is one of the most reasonable and affordable housing projects in the area, and has become relatively popular among investors. For those seeing to invest in a high-investment-return residential scheme, then this is the best option.

Open your window of fortune with warmth full of hope and pleasure. With its bright colors glowing from top high trees, the surroundings create an atmosphere that has yet to be experienced elsewhere in the city. On that note, we welcome you to dump and dive into our one and only of a kind, ‘City 108 Karachi’. City 108 is also going to be a Successful project like Gulmohar City, Seven Wonders City Karachi and North Town Residency.

City 108 Owners & Developers:

Al Barsha Developers is the owner and developer of City 108 Karachi. The owner of this society City 108 is Amjad Shah and Saeed Shah in supervision of Air Commodore Gulzar Ahmed Janjua(Retd. SBT).

Estate Safe Marketing is pleased to mention that Al Barsha Developers owner of City 108 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with well-known and reliable Real Estate Company in Karachi named Estate Safe Marketing.

Estate Safe Marketing is to make sure and promise of high-class advertising and marketing. City 108 Karachi and Estate Safe Marketing has developed a strong bond of marketing and development with each other. Al-Barsha Developers are also one of the famous and strong Builders like GFS Builders & Developers, Commander Builders and Al-ASR Group Of Companies.

City 1o8 Karachi

About City 108 Karachi:

City 108 was established in September 2022and Al Barsha Developers was established in June 2022. The company was soon able to obtain a sound repute of being a truthful and professional organization, by grabbing the consideration of clients and dependable investors in the market.

Now the company positions among the Top and Best 5 real estate development companies in Karachi with worldwide credit. Since then the company has strived into becoming a one-stop solution for diverse services that include real estate development, architectural design, and construction.

Previously Saeed Shah Owner of City 108 has a huge experience in property sector, and also running a renowned Real Estate Company Redbox. The society is the latest state-of-the-art residential project launched by Al Barsha Developers. Redbox has completed many top rated housing projects on M9 Motorway Karachi.

About Al Barsha Developers:

Based out of the City of Lights, Al Barsha Developers is going to deliver a unique project. Al Barsha Developers have overwhelmed the people of Pakistan domestically and overseas. Becoming the main choice preference when it comes to authenticity, reliability and trust in the construction sector. With expertise in master planned housing projects that enhances a community’s lifestyle. With every possible resource equipped within the walled city. For every successful community is only as good as its surrounding, with commercial layouts that go hand in hand for those, who residing in the project.

City 108 Projects Details:

The total area of City is 108 Acres. City 108 is distributed into different alphabetical Blocks containing of Commercial and Residential Plots and Villas. City 108 consists of total 08 Blocks. Each Block has its unique and own properties.

On the main front of City 108, Society is providing a classic slide gate where you can sit upper area of slide gate and gathering to enjoy the environment inside and outside the society.

Inside of main gate, on the main your left side front, Society is providing SC 500 Sq. Yards Commercial Plots. And on your right side front Society is providing Gymkhana & Food Court with wide parking area. Behind the SC 500 Sq. Yards Commercial Plots Society is providing you SB 400 Sq. Yards Commercial Plots including Al Barsha Mall. In between of SC and SB Society provides the Facilitation Center to facilitate its residents.

Behind of above mentioned Commercials and Amenities, Society has planned a grace full layout including residential area, Business area and further 22 amenities. This is Smart and best project like Seven Wonders Enclave and Al Zohra Classic.

The further details of City 108 Blocks are as following.

Business Block:

City 108 introduced Business Block in the start of residential area and behind the 400 Sq. Yards Commercial Plots. When you enter in the City 108 Housing Scheme, then Business Block is on your left side while you crossed SBs. Business Block is specified and designed for Businessmen, But other people can also book plot in Business Block.

In amenities, City 108 is providing their resident a huge Business Lounge for their official meetings and discussions. And Society is also providing a grand Jamia Masjid.

Media Block:

When you enter City 108 and cross Gymkhana and food court. Just behind side of both. Then on your right side Society has launched Media Block just opposite of Business Block. Media Block is specified for Media Persons, but other people can also book plot in this block. City 108 is providing a beautiful Hyde Park in Media Block.

Sports Block:

The management of City 108 has specially designed Sports Block for sports men. In amenities of Sports Block Society is providing an amazing Outdoor Fitness Arena on total area of 01 Acre.

Sports Block is specially advised and designed for Sports men because nearest of Outdoor Fitness Arena. But other people can also purchase plot in this block.

The location of Sports Block is on the left side, when you enter City 108. Just behind the Business Block and before Round About.

Doctors Block:

Doctor’s Block is specially designed for Doctors and the persons relevant to medical field. The amenities which are providing to the residents of Doctors Block are a beautiful Botanical Garden and Medical Enclave. Botanical Garden is specially designed by the desires of Para medics. In Medical Enclave Doctors can run their own clinics and further business related medical, pharmaceutical and mini hospitals.

The location of doctor’s block is on the right side of main 100 ft. road, in between media block and overseas block and Opposite to sports block.

Overseas Block:

The Society City 108 launched Overseas Block especially for overseas residents. It is specially designed for overseas residents according to their desires and life styles. In amenities, the management of society is providing a Hollywood Theme Park for its residents.

Overseas Block is located adjacent to 108 fountain chowrangi, opposite to Sports Block and in between Doctors Block and Educational Block.

Prime Block Villas:

In Prime Block, Builder is providing villas for its clients. The category of villas in prime block is 120 Sq. yards only. In amenities, the Builder is providing an awesome Monument Park 108.

The location of Prime Block Villas is opposite to Education Block and in between Sports Block & IT Block.

Keeping in mind the needs of the people, the management of Al Barsha Developers launches Prime Block Villas. The Prime Block Villas are a better and innovative step of City 108.

Education Block:

Education Block is an innovative and unique step of City 108. Because the location of Education Block is on the top (Hill) of Society and environment is eco-friendly and best for education sector. In amenities, management is providing a modern Education Complex, with advanced level school, college and university.

Education Block is situated at prime location of Society opposite to IT Block and Overseas Block.

IT Block:

First Time in the history, City 108 is introducing IT Block, Which is specially designed for the resident belongs to IT field. IT Block is equipped with all modern facilities which include an amazing Amazon IT Tower and Jupiter Museum. Beside these a digital Islamic Library and also a Mosque is provided by City 108.

IT Block is consisting of Two Categories 80 Sq. Yards and 120 Sq. Yards. The location of IT Block is opposite to Education Complex and Prime Block Villas.

Residential Plot Sizes In City 108:

There are two categories of residential plots in City 108.

  • 80 Sq. Yards (24’x 30′)

  • 125 Sq. Yards (24’x45′)


City 108 Commercial Zone:

One of the key gages on a popular community inspires with the presentation of its commercial structure, for that sole determination. The commercial zone contains Al Barsha Mall, marts, Facilitation Center, and M9 Gymkhana & Food Court.

Commercial Plot Sizes in City 108:

There are 04 categories of commercial plots in City 108.

  • 500 Sq. Yards

  • 400 Sq. Yards

  • 133 Sq. Yards

  • 100 Sq. Yards

500 Sq. Yards and 400 Sq. Yards Commercial plots are available in Business Block. 133 Sq. Yards Commercial plots are available inSports Block. 100 Sq. Yards Commercial plots are available in IT Block.

City 108 Project NOC’s:

City 108 SDA NOC:

Sehwan Development Authority (SDA) had issued the planning permission to City 108 against the Vide Letter No. P&DC/SDA/28/2022 Jamshoro DATED: 05/08/2022. In the beginning, Preliminary Planning Permission for around 14 acres over survey Land No. 159,162 and 163 Deh: Kalo Khohar, Taluka Thana Bola Khan District Jamshoro of land was granted to the society.




Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC), had allotted the No Objection Certificate in respect of approval of proposed layout plan of project “City 108 Karachi” Vide Letter No. SALES/NOC /544/559/ DATED: 18/10/2022. Measuring area 14 acres over survey Land No. 159, 162 and 163, Deh: Kalo Khohar, Taluka Thana Bola Khan District Jamshoro of land was granted to the society.

CITY 108 Water and Sewerage Board NOC:

Water and Sawerage Board had issued the No Objection Certificate in respect of approval of proposed layout plan of project “City 108 Housing Scheme” Vide Letter No. UC/MKP/Gen/380/2022 DATED: 10/10/2022. Measuring area 14 acres over survey Land No. 159, 162 and 163, Deh: Kalo Khohar, Taluka Thana Bola Khan District Jamshoro of land was granted to the society.




City 108 Location:

The location of City 108 Karachi is situated on the M-9 Motorway Main Super Highway Karachi. It is also one of those housing societies / housing projects that are near to Saima Mid Town, Sindh Employees Housing Scheme, Twenty One, Gulmohar City, Bahria Town Phase II and Commander City.

It is an extremely admired community by financiers, investors and realtors with stunning and beautiful surroundings. It delivers a deluxe, luxurious and contented lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The society delivers one of the closest access locations to Karachi and Hyderabad while proposing a peaceful, serene, and luxurious living environment. That no other residential project has offered to its inhabitants in Pakistan and this is what makes the society stand out among other societies in Pakistan. City 108 site location is very easy to understand and reach by any individual.

City 108 Location Map:

It is no secret that the M9 motorway is the throbbing center point for future mega projects. That has an edge over the tarnished city scape with drained resources of the urban jungle. With keen eyes of the overseas residents making bold moves to the investment opportunities, presenting its way at the M9 motorway.

Multiple builders and developers have already laid the grounds to developing huge chunks of land. With each providing certain flairs of its own, leading the way to City 108 with the Malir expressway in the development stage. The drive from Karachi city to the main super highway M9 motorway will be just 30 to 35 minutes and finally to reach the society.

City 108 Site to Karachi distance and City 108 Site to Hyderabad distance is so close that you could reach either of the Site in just a few times. Following is the Google Map location:

City 108 Location Map


City 108 Karachi is accessible in the following ways:

  • Right next to the Karachi Toll Plaza and Hyderabad Toll Plaza.

  • Approximately 50 min drive to Estate Safe Marketing.

  • Approximately 40 min drive to Karachi Toll Plaza.

  • Approximately 55 min drive to Hyderabad Toll Plaza.

  • Approximately 10 min drive to Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme.

  • Nearby Sumsum Housing Scheme.

  • Approximately 12 min drive to Asf Housing Scheme Karachi.

  • Approximately 10 min drive to Commander City Karachi.

  • Approximately 30 min drive to Bahria Town Karachi.

  • Approximately 12 min drive to Seven Wonder City Karachi.

  • Opposite to The Maze Residencia.

  • Approximately 10 min drive to NooriAbad.

  • Approximately 12 min drive to Indus Enclave.

  • Approximately 01 min drive to Hub Khan Sari Interchange.

  • Approximately 05 min drive to Bijar Panjal Interchange.

  • Approximately 42 min drive to Malir Link Road.

  • Approximately 45 min drive to New Sabzi Mandi Karachi.

  • Approximately 15 min drive to DHA City

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

DHA City Karachi is one of the most well-known and famous housing schemes, neighboring this residential project along with others such as Seven Wonder City, Al Qaim City,Gulmohar City, Commander City, Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme,  Asf Housing Scheme,Bahria Town Phase II,Saima Mid Town . As seen in the location map, the location of City 108 is marked with the intersection of M-9 Motorway and Proposed Super Highway Karachi. Subsequent are the nearby locations and well-known places to this society:

  • DHA City (Defense Housing Authority), Karachi

  • Karachi

  • Hyderabad

  • Gulmohar City

  • Saima MidTown

  • Bahria Town, Karachi

  • Asf Housing Scheme

  • Seven Wonder City

  • Al Qaim City

  • Commander City

  • Sumsum Housing Scheme Karachi

City 108 Master Plan:

The master plan of City 108 Karachi is a stylish and well-designed plan, created with the help of national and international professionals, to develop it on the latest principles of Metropolitan Town Planning.

City108 Karachi Overview

City 108 Payment Plan:

The society has offered a 4 Years Installment Plan for Residential Plots and 4 Years Installment Plan for Commercial Plots, for the convenience of its investors. Bookings start with only a 25% down payment. CEO City 108 Karachi has announced easy payment plans of City 108 as follow:

City 108 Karachi

City 108 Residential Payment Plan:

The payment plan of residential plots of society is as follow:

City 108 Commercial Payment Plan:

The payment plan of commercial plots of society is as follow:

Salient Features:

City 108 Karachi aims to develop the major and biggest housing project in Karachi. That would make available to the future residential and commercial requirements of Karachi and Hyderabad. It offers all the basic facilities / amenities which are pre-requisites of a latest housing development. Following are some Salient Features of City 108 Karachi:

  • M9 Gymkhana and Food Court in 2 ½ Acre

  • Facilitation Center in 500 Sq. Yards

  • Al Barsha Mall in 1000 Sq. yards

  • Jamia Masjid in 01 Acre

  • Business Lounge in 1000 Sq. Yards

  • Hyde Park in 1 ½ Acre

  • Botanical Garden 01 Acre

  • Medical Enclave in ½ Acre

  • Outdoor Fitness Arena in 01 Acre

  • Squash Court in 500 Sq. Yards

  • Pool 108 and Suana Bath in 1000 Sq. Yards

  • Skating Rink in 1000 Sq. Yards

  • Cricket Nets in 1500 Sq. Yards

  • Sports Complex and Fountains in 1 ½ Acre

  • Hollywood Theme Park ½ Acre

  • Monument Park 108 in 01 Acre

  • Mosque and Digital Islamic Library in ½ Acre

  • Amazon IT Tower in 600 Sq. Yards

  • Jupiter Museum in 500 Sq. Yards

  • Education Complex in 01 Acre

  • Jogging Track in 2 ½ Miles

Facilities & Amenities:

For the very first time in real estate history, City 108 is facilitating its citizens with 22 plus amenities. This housing project will be a phenomenon of development and architecture. Not only is it the most reasonable housing society in the area. It is also specifically planned to meet the need to accommodate the invasion of overseas residents moving interested in Pakistan, for the housing project in the next rare years. To fulfill this requirement, it has become necessary for the society, to introduce international standard facilities and infrastructure. To not only facilitates overseas residents but also to improve the standard of living for Pakistani residents.

The housing project will bring the following advanced, never seen before amenities / facilities to its residents:

Grand masjid is a breathtaking sight that comprehends the City’s viewpoint, and has the capacity to hold one of largest Religious gatherings in Karachi. International standard hospitals, dispensaries, super markets, community centers, parks and playgrounds. The most iconic project will be developed with architectural brilliance, under the brand name that is Al Barsha developers.

M9 Gymkhana and Food Court:

The gateway to this extravagant project is defined as the epitome of an eco-friendly community that carries all the way through the infrastructure.

City 108 has done something different from other housing societies. Rest of the societies gives commercial categories on their front. But the City 108 has given a Gymkhana and Food Court on the front for the recreation of its residents and visitors.

The total area of 2 ½ Acre is reserved for Gymkhan and Food Court by management of City 108.

Facilitation Center:

On the main front of society behind the 500 Sq. Yards Commercial Zone, a Facilitation Center is also provided by the management of City 108.It is specially designed for the residents of City 108 to facilitate them.

In City 108 Facilitation Center, the society is facilitating to residents with Fire Brigade, Ambulance, CCTV Cameras Control Room, Security Head Quarter, Shuttle Service and Society’s Head Office. 500 Sq Yards area is reserved for City 108 Facilitation Center.

Al Barsha Mall:

To fulfill the basic needs of citizens of City 108, the management is introducing a grand Al Barsha Mall equipped with all basic needs including high quality brands and all shopping necessities.

The location of Al Barsha Mall is on the main 100 ft. road adjacent to 400 Sq. Yards Commercial Zone. Society is giving 1000 Sq. Yards area for Al Barsha Mall. The name of this mall takes place after the builder of City 108 “Al Barsha Developer”.

Jamia Mosque:

Society will have especially planned a grand mosque for the residents. So, that they can offer Namaz comfortably and achieve their religious obligations without any disturbance or major traveling. To accommodate community for the further Jummah prayers, Jamia Mosque will be built in 01 Acre throughout the society for the ease of the occupants and guests of the society. The Jamia Masjid is located at the Main 100 ft. Road in Business Block.

Business Lounge:

Business meetings are the very essential for Businessmen at safe and sound place. For that Society introduced a Business Lounge for its Businessmen Community. In which Businessmen can discuss their Business ideas and held meeting in tranquil environment.

Business Lounge is located in Business Block and reserved total 1000 Sq. Yard area.

Hyde Park:

Entertainment is necessary for each and every person. To take some time off from their busy life, a Hyde Park is familiarized by Society for the person who belongs to Media field.

Hyde Park is specially announced for residents to enjoy the peaceful and serene view of the park and spent some leisurely time.

Location of Hyde Park is in Media Block relevant to Media community. Total 1 ½ Acre area is provided to Hyde Park.

Botanical Garden:

The management of Society launches a beautiful Botanical Garden for the residents of Doctor’s Block. Botanical Garden is specially established where plants are grown for scientific study and display to the public.

The total reserve is for Botanical Garden is 01 Acre. Botanical Garden is situated on the main 100 ft. road in Doctors Block.

Medical Enclaves:

Health is the biggest wealth for a human being in his / her entire life time. For that, the planners of City 108 specially planned a Medical Enclave with advanced and innovative technologies.

Medical Enclave is specifically designed for doctors to run their clinics. And an opportunity of employment related to medical field.

It is located at Doctor’s Block adjacent to 108 fountain chowrangi. The total area reserved for medical enclave is ½ Acre.

The management of Society launches a beautiful Botanical Garden for the residents of Doctor’s Block. Botanical Garden is specially established where plants are grown for scientific study and display to the public.

The total reserve is for Botanical Garden is 01 Acre. Botanical Garden is situated on the main 100 ft. road in Doctors Block.


Outdoor Fitness Arena:

To maintain a healthy life style, exercise is very important. An Outdoor Fitness Arena is planned by City 108 for residents to maintain their health and to enjoy outdoor activities in peaceful environment.

Outdoor Fitness Arena is located most prime location of City 108 in Sports Block. The total area granted for Outdoor Fitness Arena is 01 Acre.

Squash Court:

Beside Outdoor Fitness Arena, the Society has also introduced a Squash Court for amusement of its residents. The Squash Court is situated adjacent to 108 Fountain Chowrangi. The area reserved for Squash Court is 500 Sq. Yards.

Pool 108 and Sauna Bath:

Swimming is an excellent way to work your body and cardio vascular system. Sauna Bath often claim health benefits that include detoxification, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, improved immune function, stress management and relaxation. Swimming Pools and Sauna Bath are hardly available in our community.  Along with other facilities, City 108 is also benefiting their inhabitants with Swimming Pool and Sauna Bath.

Swimming Pool and Sauna Bath is located at left side of 108 fountain chowrangi in Sports Block. A total of 1000 Sq. Yards area is reserved for Swimming Pool and Sauna Bath.

Skating Rink:

Skating rink is an indoor area where we can ice skate or roller skate. Skating is a great way to improve heart health, strengthen muscles in the legs and burn calories. It is a great way to spend quality time with families. The society has planned to build the biggest Skating rink for the citizens of City 108 so that they can enjoy ice skating within the society.

Skating Rink is located near 108 fountain chowrangi in Sports Block. The total area reserved for Skating Rink is 1000 Sq. Yards.

Cricket Net:

Cricket is very famous among the people in Karachi. Every third person is fond of cricket. Cricket is the game which is often played and enjoyed among people. Considering the passion of people towards cricket City 108 is facilitating their citizens with cricket nets. Cricket nets are specially made for the citizens of City 108 to enjoy playing cricket and to practice their skills.

Cricket nets are located at the front of Skating Rink in Overseas Block. The area reserved for Cricket nets is 1500 Sq. Yards.

Sports Complex & Fountains:                   

City 108 is also facilitating their inhabitants with the Sports Complex in the center of chowrangi along with a beautiful fountain. Sports Complex consists of football ground, badminton court, basketball court, tennis court and many more. A beautiful fountain is also build by the builder in the chowrangi which is why it is called 108 Fountain chowrangi.

The sports complex is located at the center of 108 fountain chowrangi adjacent to Sports Block. The total area reserved for Sports Complex & Fountains is 1 ½ Acre.

Hollywood Theme Park:

Hollywood theme park is specially designed by the management of City 108 considering the overseas residents. Hollywood theme park is the specialty of overseas block which is made accordingly to the desires of overseas citizens. Hollywood theme park also contains many entertainment features like thrill rides, shows & fireworks, character experiences, 3D characters, animated characters, Ferris wheels and many more.

Hollywood Theme Park is located at overseas block adjacent to 108 fountain chowrangi.The total area reserved for Hollywood theme park is1/2 Acre.

Monument Park 108:

Monument Park 108 is the specialty of the society City 108.The builder has planned a monument park for their citizens. The Monument Park named 108 because as planed it’ll consist of 108 wonders from all around the world. It’ll be a great source for people to get historical knowledge and to have a great experience.

The location of Monument Park 108 is at the center of Prime Block Villas. The total of 1 Acre area is reserved for Monument Park 108.


A beautiful Mosque is designed by the management of City 108 for the citizens. The Mosque is designed accordingly to the different Islamic architectural work. It is built for the citizens for them to offer their prayers and Ramadan vigils.

The Mosque is located at IT Block in front of Digital Islamic Library. A total of 1200 Sq. Yards area is reserved for Mosque.

Digital Islamic Library:

City 108 is building a great digital Islamic library for their residents. The library is a great source for people to increase their knowledge and to enjoy some peaceful time reading their favorite books. The library will contain a collection of historical and Islamic books along with other interesting books.

Digital Islamic Library is situated at IT Block beside Grand Mosque. A total of 1200 Sq. Yards area is reserved for Digital Islamic Library.

Amazon IT Tower:

IT Tower are functional IT groupings that can be used to benchmark to industry. They also map up to utilization data in accelerators, as well as to applications and services. The management of City 108 has planned an amazing Amazon IT Tower for the residents belong to IT field.

Amazon IT Tower is located at IT Block beside Jupiter Museum. The total area reserved for Amazon IT Tower is 600 Sq. Yards.

Jupiter Museum:

For the very first time City 108 is introducing a Jupiter Museum for their inhabitants. It will host exhibitions, academic research, and public education programs.

Jupiter Museum is situated at IT Block. The total area of reserved for Jupiter Museum is 500 Sq. Yards.

Education Complex:

Education is an important tool which is very useful in everybody’s life. City 108 planned to build an Education Complex with modern education system to facilitate their residents. The management is providing a modern Education Complex, with advanced level school, college and university.

Education Complex is located at Education Block. The total area reserved for Education Complex is 1 Acre.

Jogging Track:

To maintain a good health exercise is necessary. Walking can increaser cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones and boost muscle power. A jogging track is made by the management of City 108 to facilitate their citizens.

The Jogging Track is of 2 ½ miles all around the society.

Why Invest in City 108:

This is a low-cost housing project that wills deviation the perception of reasonable accommodation in Pakistan. Not only persons with a limited financial plan can invest in society City 108. And offer their family a comfortable living but also with luxurious facilities and ultimate location.

If you are quiet not convinced about registration / booking your plot in this housing scheme City 108, let us list down the major points for you that will support you make your decision easier.

  1. Most Affordable & Convenient:

Compared  to other housing societies in Karachi such as ASF Housing Scheme, Seven Wonder City, Al Qaim Housing, SumSum Housing Scheme, SEHS, Twenty One, Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme (PEHS) and Commander City, the rates offered are the most reasonable and suitable. The easy installment plan of Society City 108 makes it possible for people with little salaries to be able to provide deluxe and lavish housing for their families.

  1. Easy Installment Plan:

Like utmost housing societies in the district such as Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme (PEHS), PEHS Executive , SumSum Housing Scheme and Gulmohar City. City 108, also offers a very suitable 4 years installment plan for a variety and categories  and types of plots. For the viability of its investors belonging from all classes of society, hence making it an idea place to invest your savings in.

  1. Modern Facilities:

This society City 108 Karachi will be furnished with all the basic, innovative and modern housing facilities and amenities. Apart from providing necessities such as gas, clean water, and electricity. The Society City 108 has included parks, cinemas, shopping malls, and high-class relaxation clubs for its occupants. By investing in this society you are fortifying a modern, deluxe, luxurious and serene life.

  1. Peaceful and Tranquil Environment:

City 108 Karachi will permit you to experience a cheerful life closer to nature. A society surrounded by lavish green surroundings and a quiet environment away from the noisy

city. It will provide an eco-friendly place to raise your family in a healthy environment, while its location is not like the housing societies in Karachi City. Its natural atmosphere and the amenities are certainly of the similar level.

  1. Infinite Commercial Opportunities:

You can be convinced of the endless opportunities of commercial chances in this society, hence making it one of a kind housing project City 108 in the area. The miscellaneous commercial opportunities, high rise shopping centers, entertainment clubs will ensure satisfactory jobs and economic ventures in the society.

  1. Maximum Return on Invest:

The prices offered in society as of now are at their lowermost and pre-launching phase of the Society City 108, making it an perfect time to invest in society. After the official launch and further development, these rates will be surely increase and give the investors a good profit on investment.

  1. Sense of Belonging:

It will give a sense of belonging to its inhabitants with its up-scale amenities / facilities and innovative infrastructure, this society is a catch and value investing in. City 108 will not just improve your class of living but will also win your hearts with their advanced services and planned development.

Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of City 108 are as under:

Pros & Cons Of City 108

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

To register / book your plot in City 108 Visits Estate Safe Marketing Office now with the following documents:

  • 02 passport size Photos

  • 02 copies of your national ID card (CNIC)

  • 02 copies of the ID card(CNIC) and 2 passport size picture of your next of Kin

Possession of Plots in City 108:

There is no any balloting or voting system in the Society City 108 Karachi. It was decide by the management of City 108 Karachi before launching of this housing project. Society is to be start direct booking and allot tee will the owner of plot from the day first.

Possession of the plots of society City 108 is estimated to be given after 3 years.

The possession in City 108 will be approved after the development work is completed.  However, this given time frame is not confirmed and can get extended due to factors concerning such as late development, NOC, or natural causes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The FAQs about City 108 are as under:


Q1- What is City 108?

City 108 is a mega housing project, located at M-9 motorway, Main Super Highway Karachi.


Q2-Who is the owner and developer of City 108?

City 108 is a project of Al Barsha Developers, which is owned by Gulzar Janjua. The Marketing task of this housing project City 108 has been given to a well-known, trusted and reliable Real Estate Company Estate Safe Marketing.


Q3-Is City 108 a legal housing society?

The layout planning permission and advertising of the society is approved by SDA / SBCA. Further all NOCs are completed from all departments and posted above. Its assure City 108 is guaranteed a legal housing society.


Q4-When will the development work start and when will it complete?

The development work in the society City 108 has started. The earthwork has also initiated in the society and the leveling of land has begun. The time frame of the development assumed by society at the certain time is 3-4 years.


Q5-Will the City 108 provides Gas, Water, and Electricity?

City 108 aims to provide its residents with all the basic and innovative facilities including availability of water, electricity, and gas 24/7.


Q6-Is the City 108 offering any installment plan?

Yes, there is a 4-year easy installment payment plan offered by the society for the livability of the investors.


Q7-When will be the possession of plots certain in society?

The possession of plots is estimated to be granted in 3 to 4 years.


Q8-Are there commercial plots available in the society City 108?

Yes, there are various sizes of commercial plots available in the society City 108, for complete details mention to the payment plan attached in the article above if you have neglected it.


Q9- How Will City 108 becomes the hub of economic growth in the region?

Society City 108 will become the hub of financial growth with the assorted commercial opportunities presented in society. Variety of Jobs and career opportunities offered in the society along with the vicinity of the CPEC route, the City 108 will become an investor’s glory.


City 108 Karachi is a mega housing society for the people of Pakistan. The main distinct feature of this society is that it is reasonably priced and also provides every up-to-date facility.

Society is still in the development stages so the rates are still low. Once, the society is completely developed in 1 to 2 years then the rates may go higher and then these low rates will not be offered. Installment payment plans, affordability, and contented amenities are the top-selling points of City 108.

So, Estate Safe Marketing highly recommends you gain yourself of this golden opportunity to invest in this society City 108. You may also contact us for the City 108 file rate or any kind of City 108 price. City 108 analyses are beyond the charts.

If you want to be familiar with more about such housing societies then please read about to learn more about similar amenities being offered at low rates.

City 108 Contact Number:

Contact number of City 108 is:




City 108 Office Address:

For any details, quires, information and booking, please visit our office.

City 108 Office Address:

For any details, quires, information and booking, please visit our office.

City 108 Office Address is:

Office No.5, 2nd Floor, Gulshan Center, Near Pizza Max, University Road, Block 13-C, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi.

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