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Cantt Pearl Residency Overview:

Cantt Pearl Residency is a luxury apartment project of Al Asr Group of Companies, and marketed by one of the most reliable real estate company Estate Safe Marketing. This project brings a concept of a luxurious life.

The most iconic project well-found with all features comforts and facilities provided in a global project. Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall is one of the top-ranking projects in Karachi. It is developing by Al Asr Group of Companies and located at Gulzar e Hijri Sector 35-A, Scheme 33 Karachi.

Right now Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall is one of the most desirable projects in the area and has become quite popular among investors. For those viewing to invest in a high-investment-return, then CPR is the top and best option.

Owners & Developers of CPR:

Al Asr Group of Companies is the owner and developer of Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall. The owner of Al Asr Group of Companies is Amanullah Memon.
Estate Safe Marketing is pleased to mention that Al Asr Group of Companies owner of Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with well-known and reliable Real Estate Company named Estate Safe Marketing. To make sure and fulfill the promise of high-class advertising and marketing. Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall and Estate Safe Marketing have developed a strong bond of marketing and development with each other.

Cantt Pearl Residency Overview

About Cantt Pearl Residency:

Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall is the project of Al Asr Group Of Companies and marketed by Estate Safe Marketing.

The company was establishing in 1996 soon able to obtain a sound repute of being a truthful and professional organization, by grabbing the consideration of clients and dependable investors in the market. Now the company positions among the Top and Best 5 real estate development companies in Karachi with worldwide credit.

Since then the company has strived into becoming a one-stop solution for diverse services that include real estate development, architectural design, and construction.  Amanullah Memon owner of Al Asr Group has completed different businesses and luxury apartment / condo buildings project like Al Zohra Classic, Sanobar Twin Tower, Al Zohra Tower, Cantt View Lodges in Karachi. Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall is one of the latest state of the art projects of Al Asr Group Of Companies in Scheme 33 Karachi.

Cantt Pearl Residency Projects Details:

Cantt Pearl Residency offers you a unique lifestyle with luxurious apartment and shops available at the prime location of Karachi. This is a Profitable project, where 3, 4, 5, and 6 room luxury apartments and shops are available in the project with the best lifestyle at very affordable price and prime location. The project is approved by MDA is situated in scheme 33, which makes it a safe investment opportunity with high return.

Cantt Pearl Residency includes different towers with the first three floors of the venture consisting of a centralized, air-conditioned shopping mall. The total area of Cantt Pearl Residency is 4 Acres and distributed into 8 Luxury Apartments Buildings and alphabetical Blocks containing of residential flat.

CPR & Shopping Mall have 8 Buildings. You can get these Luxury Rooms Apartment’s with 42 months, of easy and customized installment plans at the prime location of Scheme-33.

Running Project of Al Asr Group of Companies:

Al Asr Group of companies is a famous real estate and construction group in Karachi. With the collaboration of Estate Safe Marketing, Al Asr Group has completed many project. In which Sanober Classic, Cantt View Tower, Sanober Twin Tower, Al Zohra Tower are the famous projects.

Furthermore, Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall, Al Zohra Classic, Cantt View Lodges and Al Zohra Residency are the running projects of Al Asr Group of Companies. 

Estate Safe Marketing is working with very passion in real estate sector. Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme, Gulmohar City Karachi, PEHS Executive, PEHS and Abdullah Village are the Hot housing projects of Estate Safe Marketing.

Site Overview of Cantt Pearl Residency

Residential Flat Sizes in CPR:

  • Type A             3  Bed D.D           (1700) SQ
  • Type B             2  Bed D.D           (900) 
  •  Type B1          2  Bed D.D           (1200) SQ
  • Type XL           4  Bed D.D           (2300) SQ
  • Type C             2 Bed Lounge     (750)   SQ FT       

Commercial Shop Sizes in CPR:

  • (11’x 40′)     Sq Ft
  • (11’x 30′)     Sq Ft
  • (11’x 45′)     Sq Ft

Booking of the above-mentioned apartments in Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall starts from 20% down payment. While the rest of the payable amount is to be paid in 42 monthly installments. And 06 half yearly installments spanned over a time of 3.5 years.

Cantt Pearl Residency Master Plan:

CPR consists of several towers in which the first three floolrs of the project, consist of centralized Air Conditioned Shopping Mall while upper floors contain 3, 4, 5, And 6 Room Luxurious Apartments.

The master plan of Cantt Pearl Residency Karachi is a stylish and well-designed plan created with the help of National and International professionals to develop it on the latest principles of Planning.

Cantt Pearl Residency Payment Plan:

The project has offered a 3.5 Years Installment for Residential flats and Commercial Shops for the convenience of its investors. Bookings start with only a 20% down payment. CEO Al Asr Group Of Company has announced easy payment plans of Cantt Pearl Residency as follow:

The Cantt Pearl Residency has different Layout Plans according to categories of Flats / Appartments. All Layout Plans are as follow:

Cantt Pearl Residency Project NOC:

Cantt Pearl Residency is a project of Al Asr Group of Companies and is a registered project. Malir Development Authority (MDA) and (SBCA) had issued the NOC and planning permission.

Cantt Pearl Residency Location:

Cantt Pearl Residency is located near ASF Towers which is just few minutes’ drive from Safoora Chowrangi. “The location of the project is one of the biggest attractions as many important destinations. Such as, Jinnah International Airport’ University of Karachi’ NED University and Civic Centre all are located within few minutes’ drive.”

The project is accessible to all parts of the city. The exciting thing is that the University Road and Super Highway are also easily accessible.

Location Map of Cantt Pearl Residency


Cantt Pearl Residency is accessible in the following ways:

  • Approximately 15 min drive to Estate Safe Marketing.
  • Approximately 2 min drive to Safoora Chowrangi.
  • Approximately 30 min drive to Lucky Star Saddar.
  • Opposite to Lakhani Fantasia.
  • Adjacent to Tulip Tower.
  • Approximately 03 min drive to Sanober Twin Tower.
  • Adjacent from backside to Asf Tower Karachi.
  • Approximately 20 min drive to Al Zohra Tower Karachi.
  • Approximately 03 min drive to Saima Presidency.

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Lakhani Fantasia is one of the most well-known and famous Luxury Apartment neighboring this residential project along with others such as Asf Tower, Tulip Tower, Sanober Twin Tower, Saima Presidency. As seen in the location map.

The location of Cantt Pearl Residency is marked with the intersection of just few minutes’ drive from Safoora Chowrangi nearby Asf Tower Proposed Super Highway Karachi. Subsequent are the nearby locations and renowned places to this project CPR:


Salient Features of CPR:

This apartment project CPR will be a wonder of Development and Architecture. Not only it is the most affordable luxury project in the area. It is also specifically planned to meet the need to accommodate the influx of Overseas residents moving interested in Pakistan, for the  Luxury Apartment project in the next rare years. To fulfill this requirement, it has become essential for the society to introduce international standard Facilities and Infrastructure to not only facilitates overseas residents, but also to improve the standard of living for Pakistani citizens. The apartment project will bring the following advanced and innovative, never before seen Amenities / Facilities to its residents:

Salient Features of Cantt Pearl Residency

Facilities & Amenities in CPR:

Al Asr Group Of Companies aims to develop the prime and biggest Cantt Pearl Residency project in Karachi, that would make available to the future Residential and Commercial needs of Karachi. It offers all the basic Facilities / Amenities which are pre-requisites of a up-to-date luxury flat development.

Following are some Salient Features of Cantt Pearl Residency Karachi:

  • Spacious Reception Lobby
  • Community Hall
  • Children Play Area
  • Water, Electricity & Gas
  • Elevators
  • Parking
  • CCTV Camera & Security Guards
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Prayers Area
  • 2 Floor Reserved Car Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Back-up Generator

Water, Gas & Electricity:

CPR is a project which contain all luxurious of modern lifestyle included Electricity, Gas, And Water. Even if it was a hard job, the employees worked around the clock and limitlessly to Amenities / Facilitate the investors. And to provide them with the requirements of life including 24/7 availability of Water Electricity, and Gas. So, the community of this society can enjoy a stress-free life.

Gated Community:

CPR is heavily guarded and gated community. Unauthorized people will be prohibited in building. A safe and secure boundary wall will surround the building to enhance a layer of security. Additional features such as face recognition and key cards will be incorporated into the building. To avoid unwanted visitors and mishaps in this housing project.

24/7 Security:

CPR takes the security of its residents and visitors very seriously; a specially trained security team will monitor and ensure the safety of its residents 24/7.
CCTV cameras will be installed all over the building to build a protected environment in the building. So, you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stress environment.


Each building has its own mosques for the residents of each building. So, that they can offer Namaz comfortably and achieve their religious obligations without any disturbance or major.

Power Plant:

To make the CPR project a load-shedding free zone, the officials have planned the idea of installing an electric power plant in building. With society’s very specific power plant the accessibility of electricity in the project, will make sure a more competent and productive community.

Underground Electricity:

Although the conception of underground electricity is not new and the entire latest project is deciding for it. It has become a necessary upgrade for the safety of the public. Not only this project will bring an improvement in the magnificence and stylish plan of the society. But will also be a lot harmless and decrease the chances of any accidents.

Sewerage Treatment Plant:

State of art sewerage treatment plants will be fixed in the project. To make sure a sanitized and eco-friendly waste disposal system in the apartments.

Water Filtration Plant:

CPR & Shopping Mall will be a self-sufficient and ecological project. And one of the most noticeable features of an independent luxury apartment, is to be able to deliver its occupants with clean water. The fixing of an innovative Water Filtration Plant will ensure the source of clean water everywhere in society. And will expand the living conditions in the area.

Recreational Park:

There is a small Park and in between the Cantt Pearl Residency, will enhance to the beauty of the project and the charm of project. These metropolitan green spaces are important to making a positive influence on health, making social networks, and helping the atmosphere.

Why Invest In Cantt Pearl Residency:

Cantt Pearl Residency is a  low-cost luxury project that will deviation the perception of reasonable accommodation in Pakistan. Not only individuals with a limited financial plan can invest in Cantt Pearl Residency. And offer their family a comfortable living but also with deluxe /  luxurious facilities and ultimate location. If you are quiet not convinced about registration / booking your flats in this luxury apartment. Let us list down the major points for you that will support you make your decision easier.

1. Most Affordable & Convenient:

Cantt Pearl Residency is a most affordable and convenient housing project. Paralleled to other luxury apartments in Karachi such as Lakhani Fantasia, Asf Tower, Tulip Tower, Sanober Twin Tower, Saima Presidency, the rates offered are the most affordable and appropriate. The easy installment plan of luxury apartment makes it possible for people with little salaries to be able to provide deluxe and lavish accommodation for their families.

2. Easy Installment Plan:

Like utmost luxury apartment in the region such as, Cantt View Lodges, Al Zohra Classic also offers a very suitable 2 years and 3 years installment plan for a variety and categories of sizes and types of flats for the feasibility of its investors belonging from all classes of society hence making it an ideal and most suitable place to invest your savings in.

3. Modern Facilities:

This project will be equipped with all the basic, innovative and modern housing facilities and amenities. Apart from providing requirements such as gas, clean water, and electricity, the Cantt Pearl Residency has included Basement Parks, Shopping Malls, Fast & Speed Elevators, Standby Generator, Cctv Camera, Security System And Exclusive Relaxation Clubs for its occupants. By investing in this project you are securing a modern, deluxe, luxurious and serene life.

4. Peaceful and Tranquil Environment:

CPR will permit you to experience a cheery life closer to nature. A society surrounded by lush green surroundings and a noiseless environment away from the noisy city. It will give an environmental place to raise your family in a healthy and natural environment. Its location is like the luxury apartment in Karachi City. Its natural atmosphere and the amenities are definitely of the similar level.

5. Sense of Belonging:

It will give a sense of belonging to its residents with its up-scale Amenities / Facilities and innovative infrastructure; this project will not just improve your quality of living but will also win your hearts with their advanced services and planned development.

Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall are as under:

Pros and Cons of Cantt Pearl Residency

Documentation Requirement for Booking in CPR:

To register / book your Apartment in Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall Visits Estate Safe Marketing Office now with the following documents:

  • 02 passport size Photos
  • 02 copies of your national ID card (CNIC)
  • 02 copies of the ID card (CNIC) and 2 passport size picture of your next of Kin.
Documents Required for Cantt Pearl Residency

Possession of Flats in Cantt Pearl Residency:

Initially, the information we want to share that there is no any balloting or voting system in this Luxury Apartments project. It was decide by the management of Al Asr Group of Companies before launching of this luxury project. Apartment is to be start direct booking and allottee will the owner of flat from the day first. Possession of the flats of luxury apartment project is estimated to be given after 3.5 years.

The possession in Cantt Pearl Residency will be approved after the development work is completed.  However, this given timeframe is not confirmed and can get stretched due to factors involving such as late development, NOC, or natural causes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The FAQs about Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall are as under:

Q1- What is Cantt Pearl Residency?

This is a luxury apartment / condo building project, located at near ASF Tower, the project is reachable to all parts of the city through University Road and even Super Highway is also easily accessible.

Q2- Who is the owner and developer of Cantt Pearl Residency?

This is a project of Al Asr Group of Company, which is owned by Amanullah Memon. The Marketing task of this luxury project has been given to a well-known, trusted and reliable Real Estate Company Estate Safe Marketing.

Q3- Is Cantt Pearl Residency a legal housing society?

The layout planning permission and advertising of the apartment is approved by MDA / SBCA. Further all NOC’s are completed from all departments and posted above. Its assure that it is guaranteed a legal luxury apartment.

Q4- When development work of CPR will start and when will it complete?

The development work in the project has started. The apartment’s work has also initiated in the building and the finishing work of flats has begun. The time frame of the development assumed by apartment at the certain time is 3.6 years.

Q5- Will the CPR provides Gas, Water, and Electricity?

Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall aims to provide its residents with all the basic and innovative facilities including availability of water, electricity, and gas 24/7.

Q6- Is the CPR offering any installment plan?

Yes, there is a 3.5 year easy installment payment plan offered by the project’s management for the achievability of the investors.

Q7- When will be the possession of Flats / Apartment certain in project?

The possession of flats is estimated to be granted in 3.5 years. Initially, the possession will be approved to the flats in project due to the early development.

Q8- Are there commercial shops available in the Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall?

The project CPR is also offering you shops for commercial purpose, for complete details mention to the payment plan attached in the article above if you have neglected it.

Q9- How Will Cantt Pearl Residency & Shopping Mall becomes the hub of economic growth in the region?

This project will become the hub of financial growth with the assorted Commercial opportunities presented in society. Variety of Jobs and career opportunities offered in the society along with the vicinity of the CPEC route, The CPR will become an investor’s glory.


Cantt Pearl Residency Karachi is a dream luxury apartment for the people of Pakistan. The main gorgeous feature of this society is that it is affordable and also provides every contemporary facility. Project is still in the development phases so the rates are still low. Once, the society is entirely developed in 1 to 2 years then the prices may go higher and then these low rates will not be available. Installment payment plans, affordability, and comfortable amenities are the top-selling points.

So, Estate Safe Marketing highly recommends you gain yourself of this golden opportunity to invest in this project. You may also contact us for the Cantt Pearl Residency file rate or any kind of CPR price. Cantt Pearl Residency analyses are beyond the charts.

If you want to know more about such Luxury Apartment’s then please read about to learn more about similar amenities being offered at low rates.

Cantt Pearl Residency Contact Number:

You can contact us for any information, query and booking in Cantt Pearl Residency.

  • 021-34990051
  • 0311-2786956
  • 0336-0828917
  • 0318-2991749

Cantt Pearl Residency Office Address:

You can visit our office for any information, query and booking in Cantt Pearl Residency.

Office Adress:

Office No 5, 2nd Floor, Gulshan Center, Near Pizza Max, University Road, Block 13-C, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi.

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