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Gulmohar Greenz Overview:

Gulmohar Greenz Karachi is a mega housing project of RiverLink Builders and Developers, and marketed by one of the most reliable real estate company Estate Safe Marketing. Which brings a concept of a Green City.

The most iconic housing project well-found with all features luxuries and amenities provided in a global project.

Gulmohar Greenz Karachi is the top-ranking housing society in Karachi. It is developing by the RiverLink Builders and Developers and located at prime location of M-9 Motorway Karachi.

Right now Gulmohar Greenz is one of the most affordable housing projects in the area, and has become quite popular among investors. For those viewing to invest in a high-investment-return residential scheme, then this is the top option.

Gulmohar Greenz Owners & Developers:

RiverLink Builders and Developers is the owner and developer of Gulmohar Greenz. The owner of this society Gulmohar Greenz is Captain Nadeem.

href=””>Estate Safe Marketing is pleased to mention that RiverLink Builders and Developers owner of Gulmohar Greenz, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with well-known and reliable Real Estate Company named Estate Safe Marketing.

To make sure and fulfill the promise of high-quality advertising and marketing, Gulmohar Greenz Karachi and Estate Safe Marketing has developed a strong bond of marketing and development with each other.

About Gulmohar Greenz Karachi:

Gulmohar Greenz was established in September 2022and RiverLink Builders and Developers was established in 2017.
The company was soon able to obtain a great reputation of being a truthful and professional organization, by grabbing the attention of clients and dependable investors in the market.

Now the company positions among the Top 5 real estate development companies in Karachi with worldwide credit. Since then the company has strived into becoming a one-stop solution for diverse services that include real estate development, architectural design, and construction.

Previously Captain Nadeem owner of Gulmohar Greenz has completed businesses and housing project Gulmohar Garden on M-9 Motorway super highway Karachi near dumba goth in 2017.

Gulmohar City is also the project of Captain Nadeem located on the prime location of M-9 Motorway. The project was launched in 2021 and the development work is going on rapidly.  The society is the state-of-the-art residential project launched by RiverLink Builders and Developers.

About Riverlink Builders and Developers:

It is also the famous and uprising project of River link Builders and Developers. It has overwhelmed the people of Pakistan domestically and overseas by becoming the main choice preference, when it comes to authenticity, reliability and trust in the construction sector. With expertise in master planned housing projects that enhances a community’s lifestyle and every possible resource equipped within the walled city. For every successful community is only as good as its surrounding, with commercial layouts that go hand in hand for those living in the project.

Gulmohar Greenz Projects Details:

The total area of Gulmohar Greenz is 300 Acres. This Project is distributed into different Sectors and Blocks containing commercial and residential Plots and Villas.

Sector 1(Villas):

Gulmohar Greenz Sector 1, consisting Four Blocks A, B, C & D. Its sector 1 consists of 125 Sq. Yards Residential Villas and 80 Sq. Yard Residential Villas.

Sector 2 (80 Sq. Yards):

Sector 2, containing One Block A. Block A, consists of 80 Sq. Yards Residential plots.

Sector 2 (125 Sq. Yards):

Sector 2, containing Five Blocks A, B, C, D & E. This sector consists of 125 Sq. Yards Residential plots.

Sector 3:

Its sector 3 consists of 125 Sq. Yards residential plots.

It is is currently offering 5 Year payment plan for residential plot categories and 3 years payment plan for commercial plot categories on the following sizes.

Gulmohar Greenz Villas:

The Villas are a better and innovative step of Gulmohar Greenz which are launched by the builder keeping in mind the needs of the people. The features of Villas are as under:

A House for Every Household:

Its Villas are planned along latest lines of architecture, harmonized between natural necessities and our requirements. Providing convenience as it is.

Lavish, Affordable & Accessible:

Every room will be given enough space to move about freely, with artistic installations of flooring and switch boards, while maintaining use of only high grade internal material.

Residential Plot Sizes In Gulmohar Greenz:

  • 80 Sq Yards (24’x 30′)

  • 125 Sq Yards (25’x45′)

Gulmohar Greenz Commercial Zone:

The commercial zone of Gulmohar Greenz containing of malls, marts, state of the art cinemas, markets, and leisure clubs.

Commercial Plot Sizes In Gulmohar Greenz:

  • 100 Sq Yards

Booking of the above-mentioned plots in Gulmohar Greenz Karachi starts from a 20% down payment. While the rest of the amount is to be paid in 60 monthly and 10 half yearly installments spanned over a time of 5 years.

Gulmohar Greenz Project NOC:


In Process.


In Process.


In Process.


In Process.


In Process.

Gulmohar Greenz Location:

The location of Gulmohar Greenz Karachi is situated on the Main Super Highway M-9 Motorway Karachi. The societies / housing projects that are near to Gulmohar Greenz are Sumsum Housing Scheme, Pakistan Employees Housing SchemeCantt Pearl ResidencyAl Zohra ClassicCantt View Lodges PEHS, Bahria Town, DHA City KarachiAsf Housing Scheme, Gulmohar CityCommander City,Alpen City, Indus Enclave, City 108Nooriabad and Hyderabad.
It is an extremely admired community by financiers and investors with attractive surroundings. It brings a deluxe and comfortable lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The society provides one of the closest access locations to Karachi and Hyderabad while offering a peaceful, serene, and luxurious living environment, and this is what makes the society stand out among other societies in Pakistan.

Gulmohar Greenz Location Map:

It is no secret that the M9 motorway is the throbbing center point for upcoming mega projects, with keen eyes of the overseas nationals making bold moves to the investment opportunities, offering its way at the M9 motorway.

Multiple builders and developers have already laid the foundation to developing huge chunks of land, with each providing certain flairs of its own, leading the way to our project. The drive from Karachi city to the main super highway M9 motorway will be just 40 to 45 minutes and finally to reach the society.

Following is the Google Map location:


Gulmohar Greenz Karachi is accessible in the following ways:
  • Right next to the Karachi Toll Plaza and Hyderabad Toll Plaza.

  • Approximately 1 hour drive to Estate Safe Marketing.

  • Approximately 50 min drive to Karachi Toll Plaza.

  • Approximately 40 min drive to Hyderabad Toll Plaza.

  • Approximately 30 min drive to Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme.

  • Approximately 20 min drive to Asf Housing Scheme Karachi.

  • Approximately 15 min drive to Commander City Karachi.

  • Approximately 35 min drive to Bahria Town Karachi.

  • Approximately 22 min drive to Seven Wonder City Karachi.

  • Approximately 10 min drive to NooriAbad.

  • Approximately 15 min drive to Hub Khan Sari Interchange.

  • Approximately 12 min drive to Bijar Panjal Interchange.

  • Approximately 16 min drive to City 108.

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Gulmohar City Karachi is one of the most well-known housing schemes, nearby this residential project along with others such as City 108, Raji City, Indus enclave, Alpen City, Bholari City, Seven Wonder City, Al Qaim City, Commander CityPakistan Employees Housing Scheme and Asf Housing Scheme.
As seen in the location map, the location of Gulmohar Greenz is marked with the intersection of M-9 Motorway and Proposed Super Highway Karachi.
Following are the nearby locations and well-known places to this society:

  • DHA City (Defense Housing Authority), Karachi

  • Karachi

  • Hyderabad

  • Bahria Town, Karachi

  • Asf Housing Scheme

  • Seven Wonder City

  • Al Qaim City

  • Gulmohar City

  • Commander City

  • Sumsum Housing Scheme Karachi

  • Indus Enclave

  • City 108

  • Bholari City

  • Alpen City

Gulmohar Greenz Master Plan:

The master plan of Gulmohar Greenz Karachi is a ingenious plan, created with the help of national and international professionals to develop it on the latest principles of Metropolitan Town Planning.

Gulmohar Greenz Payment Plan:

The society has offered a 5 Years Installment Plan for Residential Plots and 3 Years Installment Plan for Commercial Plots, for the convenience of its investors. Bookings start with only a 20% down payment.

CEO Gulmohar Greenz Karachi has announced easy payment plans of GulMohar Greenz as follow:

Gulmohar Greenz Residential Payment Plan:

The residential payment plan of society is as follow:

Gulmohar Greenz Commercial Payment Plan:

The commercial payment plan of society is as follow:

Salient Features:

It aims to develop the biggest housing project in Karachi with all the basic facilities / amenities.

Following are some Salient Features of Gulmohar Greenz   Karachi:

  • Jamia Mosque

  • Parks in each block

  • Play grounds in each sector

  • International standard Infrastructure

  • Society’s Power Plant

  • Society’s own Security, to maintain law and order

  • Well-developed roads

  • Paved Walkways

  • All the basic facilities available 24/7 such as water, gas, and electricity

  • Foolproof security system

  • Boundary wall and gated community

  • hospitals and pharmacies

  • Highly qualified doctors and nursing staff

  • The best educational institutions

  • Highly-trained and professional teachers

  • Skilled maintenance and management workforce

  • Most affordable housing options

  • Beautiful and lush green parks and green areas

A different variety / category of re

Facilities & Amenities:

It  will be a phenomenon of development and architecture. It is also specifically planned to meet the need to accommodate the arrival of overseas residents moving interested in Pakistan, for the housing project in the next rare years.

To fulfill this requirement, it has become necessary for the society to introduce international standard amenities and infrastructure. To not only facilitates overseas residents but also to improve the standard of living for Pakistani citizens.

The housing project will bring the following advanced and innovative amenities / facilities to its inhabitants:

Grand masjid is a breathtaking sight that comprehends the City’s viewpoint, and has the capacity to hold one of largest Religious gatherings in Karachi. International standard hospitals, pharmacies, super markets, community centers, parks and playgrounds. The most iconic project will be developed with architectural brilliance, under the trademark Riverlink builders and developers.

A Gateway to Peace, Luxury & Green Environment:

This Society delivers a reasonable, affordable and luxury lifestyle with every possible comfort delivered in an international housing project. This project is the embodiment of an eco-friendly community that carries throughout the infrastructure.

The awesome community will house some of the most magnificent constructs embodied with nature. With the master plan twisting to what we call a futuristic layout, Society is designed to decrease the overall pollution index in contrast to other communities.

Gulmohar Greenz Recreational Zone:

Play lands, Zoo, adventure theme parks, jungle safari day and night. The unbelievable spread of land is a sheer monument for an inclusive lifestyle community that speaks volumes of nature’s manifestation.

Gulmohar Greenz Education Complex:

The master plan of this outstanding society has been considered and designed including state of skill and high-standard educational facilities in the society for the of people. The management is providing a modern Education Complex, with advanced level schools & colleges.

Water, Gas & Electricity:

The society is facilitating their citizens with all the basic facilities.

The management of the society worked hard to provide its residents with the requirements of life including 24/7 availability of water, electricity, and gas so the community of this society can enjoy a stress-free life.

Gated Community:

It will be a guarded and gated community. A secure boundary wall will surround the society to increase a layer of security. Additional features such as key cards will be incorporated into the society to avoid mishaps in the society.

Gulmohar Management & Securities:

Society is dedicated in keeping all your trouble to ourselves and helps you living a carefree life under our management. The management is keen on providing a fully equipped shuttle bus service that will connect the main city from society.

24/7 Security:

It takes the security of its residents and visitors very seriously; a specially trained security team will ensure the safety of its residents 24/7.

CCTV cameras will be installed all over the society to build a protected environment so, you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stress free environment.

Jamia Mosque:

Society will have especially planned sector mosques for the residents of each sector. So, that they can offer Namaz comfortably in peaceful environment and achieve their religious obligations without any disturbance.

Carpeted Roads:

The builder will build a network of carpeted roads in the society.These roads are projected to be 40, 60,120 and 200 feet wide separately, and will also have footpaths for the walkers.

Power Plant:

The management has planned to install an electric power plant in society to make the society a load-shedding free zone. With society’s very specific power plant the accessibility of electricity in the society will be ensure.

Sports Complex:


A multifunctional sports complex will be built in Gulmohar Greenz to promote extra-curricular activities in the society. The sports complex will consists of football ground, badminton court, basketball court, tennis court and many more.

Recreational Park and Lake:


The Parks and lakes in the society, will enhance to the beauty of the society and increase the charisma of society. These metropolitan green spaces are important in making a positive influence on health.

Adventure Club:


The society will have an adventure club to make communal connections in society. This club will arrange a diversity of adventurous activities for the inclination of its members, including horseback riding, paragliding, dirt bike riding, parachuting, hiking, etc in the society.



However another outstanding feature in the society will be its Zoo, with a safe drive over a path among in the society, with wild animals wandering freely will not be only thrilling, but will provide a memorable experience for the visitors. The zoo will contain a diversity of different kinds of animals and birds introduced from all around the world.

Water Pools and spa Clubs:

Additional luxury that will be enjoyed by the residents of this society will be its kind and freshwater pools and spa club. These wonderful health farm and pools will permit the members, to enjoy a variety of calming treatments as well as therapeutic terms.



Health is the most significant concern in any community. A fully functioning Hospital is designed as an important part of the master plan of Gulmohar Greenz. This up-to-date new health facility will be prepared with the latest technology and machinery to assist the patients and to deal with any emergency in the society.

Why Invest in Gulmohar Greenz:


This is a low-cost housing project with all basic facilities/amenities. Because of the easy payment plan individuals with a limited financial plan can also invest in society Gulmohar Greenz. And offer their family a comfortable living with luxurious facilities and ultimate location.

If you are quiet not convinced about registration / booking your plot in this housing scheme, let us list down the major points for you that will support you make your decision easier.


  • Most Affordable & Convenient:






Compared to other housing societies in Karachi such as ASF Housing Scheme, Seven Wonder City, Al Qaim Housing, SumSum Housing Scheme, SEHS, Twenty One, Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme (PEHS),City 108 and Commander City, the rates offered are the most reasonable and appropriate.
The easy installment plan of society, makes it possible for people with little salaries to be able to provide deluxe and lavish accommodation for their families.


  • Easy Installment Plan:






Like other housing societies in the region such as Pakistan Employees Housing Scheme (PEHS), PEHS Executive and SumSum Housing Scheme.It also offers a very suitable 5 years installment plan for feasibility of its investors and residents.


  • Modern Facilities:






This society Karachi will be equipped with all the basic and innovative housing facilities and amenities. Apart from providing basic requirements such as gas, clean water, and electricity. The society Gulmohar Greenz has included parks, cinemas, shopping malls, education complex and sports complex for its occupants. By investing in this society you are securing a modern, deluxe and luxurious life.


  • Peaceful and Tranquil Environment:






It will permit you to experience a cheerful life closer to nature. A society surrounded by lush green surroundings and a peaceful environment away from the noisy city.
It will provide an eco-friendly place and a healthy and natural environment to raise your family.


  • Maximum Return on Invest:





The prices offered in society as of now are at their lowermost and pre-launching phase of the society, making it a perfect time to invest in society. After the official launch of the society, these rates will certainly increase and give the investors a good profit on investment.

Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of Gulmohar Greenz are as under:

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

To register / book your plot in Gulmohar Greenz Visits Estate Safe Marketing Office now with the following documents:

  • 02 passport size Photos

  • 02 copies of your national ID card (CNIC)

  • 02 copies of the ID card(CNIC) and 2 passport size picture of your next of Kin

Possession of Plots in Gulmohar Greenz:

It was decide by the management of before launching of this housing project that there will not be any balloting or voting system. Bookings will be direct and allottee will be the owner of the plot from the day first.

Possession of the plots of society Gulmohar Greenz is estimated to be given after 3 years.

The possession in Gulmohar Greenz will be approved after the development work is completed.  However, this given timeframe is not confirmed and can get stretched due to some factors such as late development, NOC, or natural causes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The FAQs about Gulmohar Greenz are as under:

Q1- What is Gulmohar Greenz?

Gulmohar Greenz is a mega housing project, situated at M-9 motorway, Main Super Highway Karachi.


Q2-Who is the owner and developer of Gulmohar Greenz?

Gulmohar Greenz is a project of RiverLink Builders and Developers, owned by Captain Nadeem. The Marketing task of this housing project Gulmohar Greenz has been given to a well-known, trusted and reliable Real Estate Company Estate Safe Marketing.


Q3-Is Gulmohar Greenz a legal housing society?

The layout planning permission and advertising of the society Gulmohar Greenz is approved by SDA / SBCA. All required NOCs are completed from all departments. Its assure this is guaranteed a legal housing society.


Q4-When will the development work start and when will it complete?

The development work in the society Gulmohar Greenz has started. The time frame of the development assumed by society at the certain time is 3-4 years.


Q5-Will the Gulmohar Greenz provides Gas, Water, and Electricity?

It aims to provide its residents with all necessities including availability of water, electricity, and gas 24/7.


Q6-Is the Gulmohar Greenz offering any installment plan?

Yes, there is a 5-year easy payment plan offered by the society for the livability of the investors.


Q7-When will be the possession of plots certain in society?

The possession of plots is estimated to be granted in 3 to 4 years. However, it can be granted early due to early development same like as Gulmohar Gardens.


Q8-Are there commercial plots available in the society Gulmohar Greenz?

Yes, there are various sizes of commercial plots available in the society, for complete details mention to the payment plan attached in the article above if you have neglected it.


Gulmohar Greenz Karachi is a mega housing society for the people of Pakistan. The main gorgeous feature of this society is that it is affordable and also provides every necessary facility.

Society is still in the Pre-launch phase so the rates are still low. Once, the society is entirely developed in 2 to 3 years then the prices may go higher. Installment payment plans, affordability, and comfortable amenities are the top-selling points of this mega project.

So, Estate Safe Marketing highly recommends you gain yourself of this golden opportunity to invest in this society. You may also contact us for the file rate or any kind of Gulmohar Greenz price. Its analyses are beyond the charts.

If you want to know more about such housing societies then please read about to learn more about similar amenities being offered at low rates.

Gulmohar Greenz Contact Number:

Contact number of Gulmohar Greenz is:




Gulmohar Greenz Office Address:

For any details, quires, information and booking, please visit our office.

Gulmohar Greenz Office Address is:

Office No.5, 2nd Floor, Gulshan Center, Near Pizza Max, University Road, Block 13-C, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi.